This is to invite you to a World class programme on Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E). Project Evaluation and Monitoring is the regular collection and occasional analysis of information to identify and possibly measure changes over a period of time. In a Country like ours, where lots of Projects are moribund and eventually abandoned; where successive government rebudget and revalue public projects for the benefit of the people at huge cost and where the people through their representatives and Civil Society complain generally of wastages of public funds on multiple budgeting or abandonment of public projects. We at ECOLAB in our usual annual style recommend to the government, the need for improvement in our knowledge of M&E to support the completion of these various on going or revaluated projects.


M&E is germane to every level of government, the importance cannot be over emphasized. It can be to assess project results or to find out if and how objectives are being met and are resulting in desired changes. Also to improve management and process planning; to better adopt the contextual and risk factor such as social and power dynamics that affects research process. To also promote learning; to identify lesson of general applicability, to learn how different approaches to work participation affects outcomes, impact and reach. Lastly, to learn what impact and what does not. M&E is social, practical, advance and responsibly necessary in all works of life.


This course is highly participatory, interactive and energizing. Other methods which will be employed to develop the training include brainstorming, plenary discussions, demonstrations, group work and presentation. Participants are encouraged to participate and share case-studies of experience from their work places.


The focus of the course will be on National Growth and Development. Attention of participants shall be drawn to World examples of the developed world and reminiscences of good aptitude and monitoring attitude by all to public work – The essence of good governance.

The M&E Training program could be the key to support the Government efforts at completing abandoned works and projects.

The M&E knowledge is vast and not just peculiar to projects but could be necessarily applicable and applied to all services in all Sectors.


Economic Laboratory Services is a self governing organization established for research and training of private and public sector officials on capacity building, growth and development of the Nigerian Economy. In organizational terms, the firm was incorporated under the Nigerian companies and allied matter Act 1990 (CAMA90).

Its membership consists of resource persons in various fields and endeavours which cut across fields in humanities. Economic Laboratory Services fund research work in all fields of humanities with ultimate improvement on our knowledge of the Nigerian Economic environment.

ECOLAB is licensed by both USA and CANADA for Trade, Educational Activities and Exhibitions and Exchange Programs.


Toronto, Canada is strategically choosen for this Course.


We have choosen CANADA for you and yours. The academic world is gradually shifting in body and soul to the serenity, peaceful and sound educational British - Caribbean standard enreached in Canada. We have partnered MAPLE and some Canadian Universities for this bite.


This course is suitable for all Senior Cadre Officers in the Civil Services.  You are please requested to nominate Senior Officers to participate.

Spouses and Family can be minimally accommodated on this adult education programme at a fee.


The Program will run for 2 weeks inclusive of traveling days between 17th to 31st of August, 2012.


Tuition fee is USD 4,000 payable on acceptance. It includes The Tuition, Course Materials, Course Meals, Transport to and from airports, Local transportation and Sight-Seeing.

NOTE: Participants are responsible for their other incidentals.


All request and placements should accompany individual passport of participants with 12 passport clear photographs before the end of July, 2012.

Participants with Canadian Visa should indicate same within this time frame.

For further enquires please contact:


  • Fadhulullah Olaniyan 07026389614
  • Hajara Isa 07063279500, 08055076972
  • Adekemi Ogunade 08022440030